Our Calling:

When our leadership team at Signs 4 Work was first introduced to the nonprofit "Unseen" and learned of their efforts in the fight against human trafficking, we knew it was a "sign" that we had to help. That's why 4% of all sales get's donated directly to Unseen and their mission.

Meet Unseen:

Unseen is a capacity-building nonprofit that accelerates a portfolio of anti-trafficking and root cause organizations that have a history of success and are primed for growth

Human trafficking occurs when a person is forced into a service against their will—usually forced work or prostitution. Often one person controls another by exploiting a vulnerability. The control can be physical, financial, or psychological.

Magnitude of Problem:

40.3 million people in forced labor, sexual exploitation, and forced marriage worldwide
$150 billion annually in profits
World's fastest-growing criminal industry
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